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“Welcome to your local news! We go now to our Cub Reporter on the beat and in the street. Hey Cub Reporter, we understand you’ve uncovered the latest on Manning Wolfe and the gang she’s representing. What can you tell us?”

“Good evening, Ya’ll. Ernest Anguish reported earlier that Manning Wolfe was representing a new gang. And while that’s somewhat true, it could be sensationalized a bit. It turns out our favorite attorney slash author is working a different kind of case. She’s rounded up twenty-five fellow crime fiction authors and co-written a series of mysteries and thrillers called Bullet Books Speed Reads. They are fast reads for the busy traveler, commuter, and beach-goer, and the first books in the series are rolling out now.”

“That’s remarkable, Cub! So, the reporting wasn’t totally wrong, it’s all a matter of choosing the proper words, right? Stories and lies could be the same thing. You’re telling us though, this has nothing to do with a legal case, is that right? It’s all just about books?”

“That’s right. Sort of. It’s not a legal case, but books about crimes. But I think you’re missing the point. These aren’t just any books. They are sitting on the edge of your train seat, miss your bus, call in sick for work, nail biting mysteries and thrillers that you can read in a few hours. It’s a good thing there are so many of them. I understand there are twenty-five that will be released over the next year.”

“Cub Reporter, stand by a moment please. We have a live feed from Ernest Anguish at the National News Network.”

Ernest Anguish’s celebrity smile appears on screen.

“Good afternoon, I’m Ernest Anguish. We are now able to confirm, that the speeding bullet in question was a logo for the hottest thing in the book world today. The series is called Bullet Books Speed Reads and all major booksellers are reporting server blow outs from the rush to get these books. They are co-authored by Manning Wolfe and her gang of fellow crime fiction writers.

They’re hot! They’re fast! They’re Bullet Books! Get yours now!”

The camera pans as Ernest Anguish is seen rushing into the nearest bookstore. To buy Bullet Books, no doubt.

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“Manning Wolfe is a modern-day author not to be missed. Her page-turners keep me up all night!”

An award-winning author and attorney, writes cinematic-style, smart, fast-paced thrillers and crime fiction. 

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