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April Round-Ups

Posted 10:10 AM, April, 27th 2016 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Books

It’s Wednesday already? It seems just yesterday was February and we were getting ready to launch Dollar Signs. I’d love to have the super power to stop time, or at least stall it long enough to take a breath and drink a glass of wine! I guess I’ll just have to keep up and embrace the craziness.

This weekend I’ll be hanging out in the land of The Freedom Trail, Harvard, and the original Cheers Bar. That’s right - Boston. I’ll be presenting at Grub Street’s Muse & The Marketplace, Author in The House on Sunday, May 1. To check it out, Click here.

The past month, The Houston Press did a quick interview and I shared details about my main character, Merit Bridges, and her feisty personality.

Over at Women Writers, Women's Books, I elaborated on how I used a real life legal case as inspiration for Dollar Signs.

In this month’s issue of the BAPL newsletter, a publication that I often contribute to in my other life as a lawyer, I had a visit with Joseph Munsey about Dollar Signs and some of the buzz around the book!

On Omnimystery News, I had the chance to chat about the best advice I’ve received as an author and the kinds of books I read at a young age! I also revealed my guilty pleasure (regarding TV shows).

Lastly, I traveled over to the UK (not literally) for an interview with Linda’s Book Bag. She asked me some great questions, like who I would choose to play Merit if Dollar Signs became a film.

Check my website and FB page for other news events. I better sign off and go pack for Boston. I have one small carryon that I’m trying to commit to for this trip. Wish me luck, I may have to sit on it before I zip it.

Happy Reading,


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