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Are We Drinking More Wine To Pass The Time?

Posted 9:59 AM, May, 18th 2020 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Blog, Books


Dear Reader,

As we all stay close to home, I hear that wine consumption is up. I must admit, I find myself on my patio every now and then with a nice glass of the juice of the grape while reading a good thriller.

While there are those who haphazardly pour a glass of wine while enjoying a good book, I’m a strong advocate for selecting a wine that compliments the book one is enjoying, to enhance both the experience of the read and the bouquet of the wine. Just like there are pairings of wine and food, there are pairings of words and fermented grapes.

Wines that pair nicely with thrillers are full bodied, red like blood, and able to cut through heavy proteins and fat. Wines with full bodied berries and black currants hold up well against assassins, serial killers, and hit-men.

Wines that pair nicely with cozies, mysteries, or lighthearted caper stories are medium to lighter whites or even a bubbly.

Readers of historical fiction novels might enjoy a nice Pinot Noir such as the Meomi pictured here which features baking spices, toasted coconut, caramel, and salted peanuts.

I suggest that you experiment with your own pairings until you find just the right fit for your palate. Taking a book on a vineyard tour and finding a nice tree to read and sip under might open some possibilities. No need for a mask or social distancing except with the butterflies.

Regardless of your taste and budget, even making a few mistakes can be fun as long as the task is addressed with a little tongue in cheek attitude and willingness to experiment.

Happy Reading,



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