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Books of the Future?

Posted 1:00 PM, April, 20th 2017 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Books

Hi Y'all,

If you view Harry Hunsicker's new book, The Devil's Country, on Amazon, at first you'll see an open road with mountain scenery in the background but then a car zooms across the cover, leaving dust in its trail! Kindle has released a new feature called Kindle in Motion, a format that adds GIF-like animations that can be viewed on the Fire tablet as well as the Kindle apps. So far, only a few books have these capabilities, that’s why Harry’s book is included in the wine/book pairing for the month.

Writing styles have always changed and evolved with the times, and now the way we experience books is being altered as well. There are a few different enhancements that you'll start to see popping up in your Kindle books, like animated covers, video clips, page backgrounds, and even special touches like a live drawing of the author's signature!

I'll be interested to see how far this new phenomenon goes. Who knows, maybe Merit will have her own Kindle in Motion animations one day.

I’m about to finalize the ARC reviewer list for book #2 in the Texas Lady Lawyer series, scroll down below and join The Wolfe Pack facebook group to get involved.

Happy Reading,




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