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BREAKING NEWS! Green Fees is live!

Posted 8:39 AM, June, 21st 2018 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Books

Green Fees: Merit Bridges Legal Thriller #3 publication day has arrived! Click here to pick up a copy!

I’m excited to announce that Green Fees is live online and in book stores! This is the third book in the series and was the most fun to write. The characters moved into my office and would not let go until I got this one out. I fell in love with Merit, Betty, and Ag all over again as they cared for and protected each other while the mystery unfolded. They really took me on a wild ride and I think you’ll have one too.


Uncertainty and fear grip Austin as a murderer, whom the press labels The Enforcer, leaves a trail of tortured bodies while avoiding identification and capture.

Attorney Merit Bridges thinks it has nothing to do with her until she finds herself in danger when a client brings The Enforcer to her door.

Young golf pro Mark Green borrows money from the wrong guy to keep his PGA tour dreams alive. He finds himself in so deep with Russian loan shark Browno Zars that he begs his lover Merit Bridges for her help.

After Merit uses every legal trick in her book to extricate Mark from the Russian’s grip, she becomes a target. Merit awakens to find herself hanging from a meat hook and staring into the face of evil.

What unfolds is a story of deceit and betrayal that will shock and thrill as the identity of The Enforcer is revealed. Merit must then outwit the sinister and dangerous adversary to save herself from torture and certain death.

From award-winning author Manning Wolfe, a Merit Bridges Legal Thriller so chilling the pages crackle with life, revealing a plot so tight it pops.

Purchase Green Fees: Merit Bridges Legal Thriller #3 by clicking any of the businesses below.


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