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Breaking News!

Posted 10:06 AM, October, 10th 2019 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Blog, Books

Ernest Anguish reporting: Austin Attorney, Manning Wolfe, is representing a new gang in town.

This gang is said to be well versed in the art of deceit. Some people call them liars.

Now before you go making lawyer jokes about liars, hold your horses. Ms. Wolfe tells us that this particular group of characters are good, honest, folk. She alleges they may be getting a bad wrap. She explained, that telling stories is their job.

I asked, “You mean their day job is telling lies? And they aren’t attorneys?”

She glanced at me over her reading glasses, and I felt properly scolded. Then she smiled, that brilliant dazzling, Texas girl smile, and said, “I never said what time of day they work. And I also never said that it was their only job.”

I asked, “Like maybe they work at that watering hole called The Office? Bartenders answering the phone and telling wives that their husband isn’t there. Or strippers who swear they aren’t married. Or that they ARE married. That kind of lies?”

“No, Ernest! I never said they tell lies. I said they tell stories.” That is all our local counselor is willing to divulge at this time. I guess we have to wait to find out more about the dubious twelve… I understand they are expected to make an appearance on September 15th. But I did overhear something about a speeding bullet. Stay tuned. Ernest Anguish reporting.


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