Dead by Proxy is HERE – Get your hands on it now!

Dead By Proxy: A Lawyer On The Run Action Suspense

I hope this email finds you in high spirits and ready for a thrilling adventure because it’s time! I am beyond excited to announce that Dead by Proxy, the first book in my captivating new Proxy Legal Thriller Series, is LIVE! 🎉 ​ If you are one of the lovely readers who pre-ordered a copy, […]

Exclusive sneak peek: Dead by Proxy excerpt!

Hi Ya’ll! There’s a lot going on and I wanted to let you know all about it. This week I have three exciting things to share with you. First, did you know that I was featured on Oxygen TV’s: Accident, Suicide, or Murder? It was so much fun to be interviewed for television about the famous […]

More Great Dead by Proxy News!

Check out: Dead by Proxy

Howdy Readers! This week, I’m coming to you from Port Aransas, Texas. We’re here celebrating Darling Bill’s birthday and getting words on the page for the second book in the new series! I shared the exciting news about my new release, Dead By Proxy, in my last newsletter but what I didn’t mention is that […]

A New Book and Two Special Deals!

Hello Readers! I’m excited to announce that Chinese Wall, Merit Bridges Legal Thriller #4, is now available for pre-order at a special price! It will land in your mailbox on July 28th for only $2.99, but the price will go up after it’s published. You must pre-order to get the $2.99 deal. Attorney Merit Bridges finds […]

Will You Be Clued Up Or Clueless?

Hello Readers! I hope your summer is going well and that you are having some fun – while taking along a good book – of course! Today’s news is all about free and discounted books and introduction to some new authors that I hope you enjoy! How often do you get a chance to try […]

Amazon Promo: FREE Bullet Book #5

Hello Readers: For a limited time only, Amazon is featuring, for FREE, Stabbed: Bullet Book Speed Reads #5! From time to time Amazon features a book in a series in hopes that readers will enjoy the story, try others, and spread the word to their friends. Three days only! Grab it here! Try Bullet Book #5 for […]

Loser’s Gumbo Available for Pre-Order

Hello Readers! I’m happy to announce that Loser’s Gumbo, Bullet Books Speed Reads #13 is now available for pre-order! Working with John T. Davis was a real pleasure. His writing style and Cajun vibe flows so naturally that working on the book was a spicy treat. Click on the cover below to have Loser’s Gumbo […]

Amazon Promo: FREE Bullet Book #3

From time to time Amazon features a book in a series to allow readers a chance to try one in hopes they will enjoy the book and entice readers to try others. For a limited time only, Amazon is featuring Bloody Bead, Bullet Book Speed Reads #3! Three days only! Grab it here —–>>>>> Try […]

Are We Drinking More Wine To Pass The Time?

PAIRING WINE AND WORDS Dear Reader, As we all stay close to home, I hear that wine consumption is up. I must admit, I find myself on my patio every now and then with a nice glass of the juice of the grape while reading a good thriller. While there are those who haphazardly pour […]

Reporting From An Undisclosed Location

Hello Readers: I’m still hunkered down in Austin, but getting in touch to add a little levity to our social distancing. Below is a report from the one common character in all of the Bullet Books Speed Reads, Ernest Anguish. Happy Reading, Manning Good Afternoon. This is Ernest Anguish, with the National News Network, reporting […]

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