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Coming Soon! Cover Reveal Inside!

Posted 11:47 AM, June, 22nd 2017 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Books


Hi Y'all,

I'm thrilled to finally introduce you to the cover for Music Notes: Texas Lady Lawyer vs L.A. Baron! Thanks to everyone who voted in the cover contest. In Music Notes, the second in the Texas Lady Lawyer Series, Merit goes up against a powerhouse in the music biz who threatens all she holds dear. Betty, Ag, Val and Ace bring their A game to help her fight the good fight. A few quotes are included here to give you a taste of what’s coming soon!

Merit saw a ladder of descent in her mind’s eye down into a dungeon where Pluto, the god of the underworld waited for her. Each step was labeled with another assault on her reputation and livelihood.

Merit opened her Facebook page to find friend requests from a dozen men of various ages. All their pages had few photos and all were of themselves in various forms of erotic dress or undress. She refused them all.

She scrolled down her personal page and found a photoshopped picture of herself dancing on a bar in what looked like a Coyote Ugly outfit. She had on chaps, a bikini top, and cowboy boots with spurs. It wasn’t her body, but it was definitely her face. 

She expanded the picture on her screen and looked around the edges. The original photo was taken in The Texas Rose, owned by her client Slag. She hadn’t seen him in months, as his legal work was sporadic. And, she’d never danced there.  She took a screen shot of the picture, deleted it from her page, and picked up the phone.

“Slag, this is Merit Bridges.”

Stay tuned for the launch date this summer. Until then...
Happy Reading,




Dollar Signs: Texas Lady Lawyer vs Boots King

Now Available in Paperback & E-Book!

Everyone loves a good lawyer joke, especially lawyers…


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