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Fact or Fiction? When the Local News Lines Up With Your Debut Novel

Posted 9:15 PM, July, 11th 2019 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Blog, Books

This local news story caught my eye last month when I noticed the similarities between the real life events and the ending in Dollar Signs. When the fiction you create turns out to be more similar to real life than you originally intended, things start to get spooky!

Last month, a 64 year old man, during a wild chase evading local police, drove his pickup truck off the Port Aransas ferry landing and into waters 26 feet deep. In the Merit Bridges Legal Thriller Series Book #1, Boots King runs out of luck when he chases Merit Bridges to Port Aransas, where she thinks she’s escaped from his prying eyes. He meets his demise at the ferry landing - just like the accident victim in real life.

In Dollar Signs, we watch Merit and her team struggle to stay alive, while they navigate a labyrinth of legal issues. Throughout the book, she has to decide how far to go in order to protect her family, herself, and her life's work.

Everything comes to a head with a wild ride across Texas, the thrilling chase in Port Aransas, and farewell to Boots!

Just in time for your summer beach reads...

Dollar Signs (Merit Bridges Legal Thriller Book 1)

Music Notes (Merit Bridges Legal Thriller Book 2)

Green Fees (Merit Bridges Legal Thriller Book 3)

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