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Greetings from Dallas!

Posted 12:00 PM, August, 10th 2016 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Books

Hi Y'all!

This week I’m settling in Dallas writing by day and attending wedding preparations by night for Bill’s Niece’s big day. I have a nice perch to write from looking down on the pool and the Dallas skyline.


This week, I talked to one friend in Austin by phone who was particularly down after having received his 50th rejection from agents about his books. While I sympathize with his plight, I told him that what kept me moving forward is knowing that people enjoy reading my stories and tell me in emails and on social media every day. I know that a mother of young children in Houston or the Grandmother of six in Milwaukee read my books and find joy in the storytelling.

He just has to get his books out there and find his audience. That is one thing that no publisher can decide – only the readers can do that. As a writer, that’s the main place I need to focus.

When I leave here next week, I’m heading to Killer Nashville where I’ll be speaking on a panel about writing thrillers. I’m hoping to shake hands with Janet Evanovich, the keynote speaker. If I’m lucky, I might get a photo with her. I’ll keep you posted.


Until then…Happy Reading,



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