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Posted 4:02 PM, November, 27th 2017 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Books

Hi Y'all,
As of today, MUSIC NOTES: TEXAS LADY LAWYER VS L.A. BARON is available for purchase on Amazon and will soon available in bookstores everywhere!  Here’s an excerpt to pique your interest. If you like what you're reading, CLICK HERE to order.

Happy Reading,



     Liam got up, picked up his Strat, and walked along the lake on the hike and bike trail toward home. As he dropped down under the First Street Bridge, he looked up from his dreamy state to see a Pursuer coming toward him. The Pursuer was slight in stature, but backlit by the bridge and Liam could only see an outline.
     “Hey, Liam,” the Pursuer said.
     “Hey. Who’s there?” Liam asked.
     “Don’t you know who I am?” the Pursuer asked.
     The voice sounded familiar. The Pursuer continued toward Liam until they were close enough for Liam to recognize the face.
     “What are you doing here at this hour?” Liam asked.
     “Looking for you. I followed you from the Saxon Pub.”
     “Well you found me. What do you want? I told you I have nothing for you,” Liam said.
     “Don’t be that way. Let me buy you a cup of coffee. I want to talk to you,” the Pursuer said.
     “I don’t want coffee and I don’t want to talk to you. Leave me alone,” Liam said and turned to go.
     “Don’t turn your back on me again!”
     The Pursuer looked around and picked up a large rock from beside the path. Liam felt movement behind him. As he turned back, he felt a strong blow between his neck and skull. He fell, dropped his guitar case, then struggled to get up.
     “You, asshole,” Liam said.
     As Liam pushed himself up from the ground, the Pursuer grabbed the guitar case and slammed it into Liam’s head. Liam fell to the ground again and the Pursuer hit him with the case over and over until the latches broke and the case flew open, sending the Strat spiraling into the water.
     Liam looked up to see the Pursuer freeze, blink, and begin to shake. A hand reached down by the dying face and gathered up the case handle and rock, and put them inside the broken case. The Pursuer ran along the trees and out of the park with the case. Liam’s blood spread out over the trail, pooled at the grassy edge, and finally spilled over into the dark water.
     No one came to help poor Liam or see the face of his killer. Dozens of purple guitar picks lay strewn along the water’s edge.


Dollar Signs: Texas Lady Lawyer vs Boots King

Now Available in Paperback & E-Book!

Everyone loves a good lawyer joke, especially lawyers…


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