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Retreating to Write!

Posted 11:45 AM, May, 24th 2016 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Books

Hi Y’all!

With an eye toward leaving the Texas heat behind, Bill and I are taking a brief leave from beautiful Austin to spend some time on the road writing, reading, and catching up with friends across the country.  First stop, Santa Fe, where we’ll be focusing heavily on writing and gaining inspiration from the beautiful scenery and culture of New Mexico. You could call it a writing retreat of sorts!

If you’re a writer or a reader with little time in your day, I highly recommend taking some time to write and read away from the distractions of “real life”. If you’ve never planned a writing retreat, here are a few articles that might be helpful for you!

Rochelle Barlow:
7 Tips for a Successful Writing Retreat

Huffington Post:
Writing Retreat Tips

She Writes:
6 Tips to get the Best from your Writers Retreat

I’ll be back in Austin on June 26th to give my Legal Issues for Authors presentation at the Writers League of Texas Agents and Editors Conference at the downtown Hyatt.

Until next time.

Happy Reading,


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