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Spring Musings

Posted 9:52 AM, April, 21st 2016 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Books

The months are flying by. I’m coming to you this week from my home in Austin, but am still finding myself on the road about once a week! Last Wednesday, I spent time in Bryan/College Station chatting with the Brazos Writers about legal issues specifically related to writing and publishing books.

One of the things we talked about is copyright for authors.  A copyright automatically exists the minute a book is created, but it is a good idea to register a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. Doing so permits the holder to legally bring a lawsuit to enforce it - especially if it’s registered within three months of publication date. Registration is accomplished by filing a simple application and a sample of the work, and paying the $35. filing fee with the U.S. Copyright Office at:



I recently received some great news that I’ve been selected to be one of three conference presenters at the Muse & The Marketplace conference in Boston! I’ll be attending the entire conference the last weekend of April and will be presenting with a great group of folks on Sunday afternoon, May 1st. I’ll be discussing my experience in writing Dollar Signs as well as the successes and failures I’ve had marketing it.

Like all my travels, I like to squeeze in some touristy fun! The conference is at the Boston Park Plaza located near the Boston Common and Public Garden and can’t wait to explore the rest of the historic neighborhood! Also, leave your preconceptions behind about this being a stuffy writer’s conference – there’s a drag show featuring drag icon Martha Graham Cracker that’ll be sure to spice things up! I’ll share all the details with you when I get back. Until next time!

Happy Reading,


Dollar Signs: Texas Lady Lawyer vs Boots King

Now Available in Paperback & E-Book!



Chris Hemsworth


The Tawny style of this port presenting rich notes of apricot, clove, walnut, & licorice make it a perfect match for the savory characters of Jesse Sublett’s book. Add an El Sublimado Cigar from Texas Cigar Brothers, and you’re all set for an evening of sipping, puffing, and reading.

1960s Austin Gangsters: Organized Crime that Rocked the Capital
by Jesse Sublett

Pedernales Texas Ruby


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