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Top Ten Oil And Gas Production Counties In Texas.

Posted 6:50 AM, January, 5th 2016 by Manning Wolfe & filed under Legal

Just how much has oil and gas production dropped off in the last year? Texas Oil and Gas Production Stats from 2014 to 2015 obviously show a decrease in production, but how much?  And, what counties are still the top producers?

According to the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC), last month the following production was reported by operators from Texas oil and gas wells:

74,686,442 barrels of crude oil, and
636,226,447 MCF (thousand cubic feet) of total gas.

These figures are compared to last year’s production for the same time period, which was:

68,675,991 barrels of crude oil preliminarily, updated to a current figure of 86,735,398 barrels, and
610,601,042 Mcf of total gas preliminarily, updated to a current figure of 742,625,520 Mcf.

With oil and gas production down as indicated above, the following counties are ranked the top ten in crude oil production:

  • Karnes
  • La Salle
  • Dewitt
  • Midland
  • Martin
  • Upland
  • McMullen
  • Andrews
  • Reeves
  • Gonzales

During the same period of time, the following counties ranked as the top ten in gas production:

  • Webb
  • Tarrant
  • Panola
  • Dimmit
  • Johnson
  • Karnes
  • Wise
  • DeWitt
  • Denton
  • La Salle

For additional oil and gas production statistics, visit the RRC’s website.


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