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Howdy Readers!

This week, I’m coming to you from Port Aransas, Texas. We’re here celebrating Darling Bill’s birthday and getting words on the page for the second book in the new series!

I shared the exciting news about my new release, Dead By Proxy, in my last newsletter but what I didn’t mention is that we are in the midst of travelling around the U.S. for an entire year. We went from hiking in Arches National Park to swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, and many points in between.

I managed to write almost every day from so many inspiring places. To see more about our travels you can check out these pictures and my Facebook page:

Writing Inspiration: 27 million year old Shiprock in New Mexico. Navajo Nation, San Juan County. Writing inspiration: Gateway to so many great sites, Page, Utah! Passing through Pecos, TX & Judge Roy Bean Courthouse & Jail museum Driving through Victoria snapped this shot of the courthouse. That small building on the left was the old jail. Can you image the legal thrillers that could come out of this place! Great pub find on the road from Santa Fe to Durango. I’m sure I could have a murder scene in here! A walk on the beach in Port Aransas, TX.

Dead by Proxy

I’ve got the countdown running for the Dead by Proxy launch and boy am I getting excited. The advanced reviews are already rolling in and they’re outstanding, like this one:

 “A riveting read that expertly teams courtroom drama and legal maneuvering with imminent danger, spine-tingling suspense, a touch of romance, and non-stop action. Talk about an adrenaline rush!” ~ Reedsy

I’ll be back soon because there’s a lot more going on, and we’ll be featuring excerpts of the new book, sneak peeks of MORE upcoming works, exclusive author insights, discounts, and promotions. Until then…

Happy Reading,

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