Inside scoop: Dead by Proxy

Dead by Proxy


Holy Guacamole – or as Quinton would say Holy Pimento Cheese! September was a whirlwind! We had so much going on with the release of Dead by Proxy that it felt like a month-long party.

One of the most exciting things, thanks to you, was that Dead by Proxy was a #1 new release on Amazon. 🥳

Thank you so much for helping to make the launch of Dead by Proxy such a success!

I was honored to be featured in several fun spots this month. I shouldn’t pick favorites, but I love the Q & A on The Hard Word. Check them out:

Plus, I received lots of great reviews, like this one:

“The courtroom scenes in this book are a delight. Better than Perry Mason. If you like SUITS or THE LINCOLN LAWYER, you will love them. And they’re only part of the fast-paced action. This legal thriller will keep you reading, I guarantee it.”

~ Must Read Faster


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Happy Reading,

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