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Bullet Books Are HERE! “Welcome to your local news! We go now to our Cub Reporter on the beat and in the street. Hey Cub Reporter, we understand you’ve uncovered the latest on Manning Wolfe and the gang she’s representing. What can you tell us?” “Good evening, Ya’ll. Ernest Anguish reported earlier that Manning Wolfe […]

Breaking News!

Ernest Anguish reporting: Austin Attorney, Manning Wolfe, is representing a new gang in town. This gang is said to be well versed in the art of deceit. Some people call them liars. Now before you go making lawyer jokes about liars, hold your horses. Ms. Wolfe tells us that this particular group of characters are […]

Texas Toast: A Merit Bridges Short Story featuring Ag Malone

Ag Malone, legal investigator, teams up with attorney Kim Wan Thibodeaux to defend an innocent client and find the truth. When a young Austin man is accused of murdering a prominent local doctor, all evidence points to his guilt. Will Ag find the key to challenge the Prosecution’s case? In a Perry Mason style courtroom […]

Fact or Fiction? When the Local News Lines Up With Your Debut Novel

This local news story caught my eye last month when I noticed the similarities between the real life events and the ending in Dollar Signs. When the fiction you create turns out to be more similar to real life than you originally intended, things start to get spooky! Last month, a 64 year old man, […]

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

It’s always interesting to learn about traditions and habits around other people’s Thanksgiving celebration. This year, Bill and I are going to keep it simple and have ordered a smoked turkey from a nearby BBQ smokehouse. Of course, there will be plenty of sides to cook and desserts to prepare, but my favorite part of […]

Napa & Sonoma Valley Wine Tour

Hello Again, If you’ve been reading the blog or following on Facebook, you know that Bill & I spent a month on a houseboat on the San Francisco Bay. On the way back to Texas, we took a drive through the California Wine Country. This is a photo-journal of some of the sites Bill and […]

Division Orders: The 411

Definition: Division Order is defined as an agreement signed by the payee directing the distribution of proceeds from the sale of production, and directs and authorizes the payor to make payment for the products taken, in accordance with the information listed. Law: There has been much controversy and litigation in Texas about division orders and […]

Hello and Welcome to my First Blog:

If you will allow me a few postings to hit my stride, I promise not to bore you, sell your information to anyone, or pressure you to buy anything. And, you get a free gift for subscribing!   Since some of you do not know me well, let me introduce myself by telling you ten […]

Case Study: PNP Petroleum I, LP v. Taylor

Case Study Part 2 of 2 See Part 1 here. Issue: The appeal arose from a dispute over whether the term of an oil and gas lease was extended by a payment made by the lessee under the shut-in royalty clause. The lease provided that the lessee could pay a “shut-in well royalty payment” to […]

Shut-In Royalty Clause

Part 1 – Introduction Part 2 – Case Study – Coming in October Definition: Shut-in royalty is a payment made by an oil and gas lessee to the lessor in order to keep a lease in force when a well capable of producing is not utilized. This is usually because there is no market for […]

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