Reporting From An Undisclosed Location

Hello Readers: I’m still hunkered down in Austin, but getting in touch to add a little levity to our social distancing. Below is a report from the one common character in all of the Bullet Books Speed Reads, Ernest Anguish. Happy Reading, Manning Good Afternoon. This is Ernest Anguish, with the National News Network, reporting […]

All Because Of A Dog by Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery is today’s guest blogger and co-author of Two Bodies One Grave, Bullet Books Speed Reads #9. A legendary crime bookseller, Scott Montgomery runs MysteryPeople, the mystery bookstore within BookPeople. He also runs The Hard Word blog, covering hard boiled fiction. Always a crime fiction fan, Scott worked on the sales staff of the acclaimed and influential The […]

What Type Of Music Does Merit Listen To?

While writing the next Merit Bridges Legal Thriller, I’ve been sampling a lot of music. Book #4 isn’t hyper-focused on music like Music Notes, book #2. But, Austin is such an integral part of the series, and being “The Live Music Capital of the World”, songs and lore will always be included in the series. I’ve been wondering, […]

6 Great Books To Add To Your 2020 Reading List

2019 was a big year for the Bullet Books Speed Reads co-authors. Out of the 12 authors that are part of the collection, 5 of them published another book in addition to their Bullet Book! In calendar order, here are the books that were published this year by my colleagues. The Book Artist (Hugo Marston […]

Rules For Writers

Kathy Waller is today’s guest blogger and co-author of Stabbed, Bullet Books Speed Reads #5. Kathy grew up in Fentress, a small farming town in Central Texas; memories of the place and its people provide inspiration for much of her work. She is a member of Austin Mystery Writers, Sisters in Crime-Heart of Texas Chapter, […]

Who Is Ernest Anguish And Where Did He Come From?

As those of you who’ve read the Bullet Books Speed Reads are aware, there is a central character that links all the books into a series. His name is Ernest Anguish and he’s a celebrity reporter for the National News Network (NNN) with a chiseled face and tons of charisma. Ernest Anguish sounds like a […]

When a Comedy Writer Writes Crime Fiction

This week I’m sharing one of my favorite authors, who also happens to be my husband, Darling Bill Rodgers! Bill is a short form humor writer and has written for Jay Leno for over twenty years. His material has been used in Jay’s monologues and comedy routines around the world. Bill has recently joined me […]

‘Tis the Season For Holiday Tradition

Happy Holidays! I hope this season finds you merry and bright! Now that the Bullet Books have fully launched, and the Fall’s events have passed, I’m taking time to celebrate the holidays with my family here in Austin and giving away lots of books! When my son, Aaron, was born, we started the tradition of […]

Bullet Books Are Here!

Ernest Anguish reporting: Attorney, Manning Wolfe, is representing a new gang! This gang is said to be well versed in the art of deceit. Some people call them liars. Now before you go making lawyer jokes about liars, hold your horses. Ms. Wolfe tells us that this particular group of characters are good, honest, folk. […]

More Breaking News!

Bullet Books Are HERE! “Welcome to your local news! We go now to our Cub Reporter on the beat and in the street. Hey Cub Reporter, we understand you’ve uncovered the latest on Manning Wolfe and the gang she’s representing. What can you tell us?” “Good evening, Ya’ll. Ernest Anguish reported earlier that Manning Wolfe […]

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