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Hunted By Proxy!

Greetings from the Texas Gulf Coast. We’re still enjoying the beach, even the gray weather days. They’re great for making homemade soup and writing! I can hardly believe it’s been two weeks since the second in the Proxy Legal Thriller Series, Hunted By Proxy, was released. So much has been happening around the launch, and […]

Thanksgiving Treats Just For You!

Happy Thanksgiving! This time of year, I become very nostalgic, and one of my favorite memories is lemon meringue pie! My Mother always made lemon meringue pie for the family meal. I never knew how she got the meringue so high on top. Because my birthday is within a day or two of Thanksgiving, it […]

Love Merit Bridges? Don’t Miss This 👇

Hey Book Lover! Merit has a new look! If you’ve read the Merit Bridges Legal Thrillers, you know what a fashionista Merit is. So, she has to keep up with the latest. With a new Merit Bridges Legal Thriller coming out soon, a fresh face is a must! If you’ve missed any in the series, […]

More Great Dead by Proxy News!

Check out: Dead by Proxy

Howdy Readers! This week, I’m coming to you from Port Aransas, Texas. We’re here celebrating Darling Bill’s birthday and getting words on the page for the second book in the new series! I shared the exciting news about my new release, Dead By Proxy, in my last newsletter but what I didn’t mention is that […]

Exciting Update: Unveiling Our New Book

Lots Going On Here. It’s been a while and I’ve missed Ya’ll! I’m coming to you this week from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’m here to beat the heat in Austin, but also to isolate myself from the chatter so I can work on the second in a new series. No, Merit’s not going anywhere, […]

A New Book and Two Special Deals!

Hello Readers! I’m excited to announce that Chinese Wall, Merit Bridges Legal Thriller #4, is now available for pre-order at a special price! It will land in your mailbox on July 28th for only $2.99, but the price will go up after it’s published. You must pre-order to get the $2.99 deal. Attorney Merit Bridges finds […]

Will You Be Clued Up Or Clueless?

Hello Readers! I hope your summer is going well and that you are having some fun – while taking along a good book – of course! Today’s news is all about free and discounted books and introduction to some new authors that I hope you enjoy! How often do you get a chance to try […]

Amazon Promo: FREE Bullet Book #5

Hello Readers: For a limited time only, Amazon is featuring, for FREE, Stabbed: Bullet Book Speed Reads #5! From time to time Amazon features a book in a series in hopes that readers will enjoy the story, try others, and spread the word to their friends. Three days only! Grab it here! Try Bullet Book #5 for […]

Amazon Promo: FREE Bullet Book #3

From time to time Amazon features a book in a series to allow readers a chance to try one in hopes they will enjoy the book and entice readers to try others. For a limited time only, Amazon is featuring Bloody Bead, Bullet Book Speed Reads #3! Three days only! Grab it here —–>>>>> Try […]

Did You Hear? Bullet Books Are Now In Audio Version!

Hi Reader, Did you know that according to Edison Research and Triton Digital, 50 percent of Americans age 12 and older have listened to an audiobook? That number is up from 44 percent in 2018 and studies show that it’s continuing to climb! Researchers also found that audiobook listeners either read or listened to an […]

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